#HowToBusiness - IT Career

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#HowToBusiness: IT Career is an engaging workshop that gives you the skills and insights of the IT industry in Denmark. This workshop is designed for English-speaking candidates with experience or education within the IT field. Whether you are an IT guru or you only plan to enter the IT field and you may currently lack relevant experience, you can benefit from this workshop and get answers to questions that stop you from taking the next step. 

The workshop will cover essential topics such as:
- Overview of the IT industry in Denmark.
- Where to start your IT journey.
- How to find a job in IT?
- Tips for applying to IT companies.
- Building a valuable professional network.

Event program:

13:45 - Registration

14:00 - Interactive workshop training on today’s topic

15:30 - Q&A and open discussion

16:00 - Workshop concluded

Workshop Language: English
Speaker: Uffe Krogh, Specialist within high end Tech recruitment and Digitization, Career coach for graduates and Mentor for start-ups

 Join us at #HowToBusiness and seize the opportunity to acquire the tools and insights necessary for thriving in the dynamic realm of IT industry. 


Курс проводиться в наступні дні:

22-09-2023 14.00 - 16.00
The European - Ukrainian Hub


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