#HowToBusiness - Online hacks to success

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#HowToBusiness: Online hacks to success is an engaging workshop that gives you knowledge about Ad Library's and how to leverage them to your business advantage. Whether you're fuelling your entrepreneurial journey or pursuing professional development, this 2-hour workshop is tailored to empower and expand your understanding of Google Maps as a platform for business development.

Event Program:
13:45 - Registration and pre networking
14:00 - Interactive workshop training on today's topic
14:45 - Q&A and open discussion
15:00 - Networking session
16:00 - Workshop concludes

The workshop covers essential aspects such as:
- Google Maps
- 3 ad library's - Google, Meta, LinkedIn

Join us at #HowToBusiness and seize the opportunity to acquire the tools and insights necessary for thriving in the dynamic realm of doing business online.

Workshop Language: English

Trainer: Jesper Holme, Undfreunde



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Реєстрація закінчується:
22-09-2023 14.00

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