Onboard investors - takeoff for your startup

Deloitte, Iværksætterdanmark and Copenhagen Business Hub present: Onboarding investors – takeoff for your startup. Course for entrepreneurs and startups with a significant growth potential seeking private investment. 2 X 4 hours + an online Q&A session between July 2 and July 9. 

NB! This course is held in Copenhagen and requires your personal participation. See the details below. 

Growth through private investment is the next step on your entrepreneurial adventure. This course will increase your understanding of the key focus points when raising capital. The course will include practical cases and examples as well as exercises on how to calculate valuations and negotiating a term sheet.  

The course is for startups and entrepreneurs with a significant growth potential who are seeking to scale their business rapidly through private investment. You do not have to be CVR-registered, but if you are, your business can’t have been founded before 30/8/2016. 

Apart from your time and enthusiasm the course is free of charge. 

If you can picture yourself in the following this course is just right for you: 

You are an entrepreneur with an international outlook and serious growth ambitions. You are either about to raise your first capital round or you have already raised your first through a preseed round, a seed round or an A-round. After this course you will be familiar with how you attract and onboard the right investors so you can embark on your growth-adventure. In the course we will touch upon:  

  • Speaking the lingo of investors - investor terminology, essential concepts and documents for you to feel well equipped, as well as general advice and rules of thumb for fundraising.
  • The lifecycle of startups and when to raise capital.
  • An introduction to sources of finance and an introduction to how to prepare the fundraise from a legal and financial perspective. 
  • An overview on the environment of investments as well as an understanding of the different types of investment instruments and legal structures you may encounter in an investment round.

Between the sessions you are expected to prepare by studying the background material. The detailed scope, instructions and material are handed out in connection with the actual workshop. 

Your guides on the journey from good idea to great business:  

Deloitte is one of the market-leading advisors within the area of venture capital in Denmark and has through their sector group “Fast Growing Companies” gathered an extensive industry expertise and a unique advisor specialization. Their team of teachers has a deep passion for growth entrepreneurship and has several years of experience within the field having helped and advised fast growing startups such as Soundboks, Donkey Republic, True Gum and Vivino among many others. 

NB! Regarding workshops with personal participation:  We naturally follow all the mandatory restricitions in terms of space requirements and quantity of people. You must bring a valid “coronapas” (coronapassport) indicating that you have been tested negative within the last 72 hours (PCR or quicktest), or that you have been vaccinated, or that you are immune according to the rules about longetivitiy of immunity.  



02-07-2021 13.00
02-07-2021 17.00
06-07-2021 09.00
06-07-2021 10.00
09-07-2021 13.00
09-07-2021 17.00


Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 København Ø
01-07-2021 00.00


Emil Ødegaard

Emil Ødegaard

Erhvervshus Hovedstaden


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